The Edith Sanford Breast Center combines both research and clinical care for breast health. The three-story building is located on 18th Street and connected to the current Sanford Cancer Center and VanDemark Building. Portions of the Sanford Cancer Center and VanDemark Building were also renovated as part of this project. Edith Sanford Breast Center services include mammography, a breast cancer risk assessment program, a high-risk breast clinic, a breast surgery clinic, genetic counseling, a boutique offering medical and retail support for cancer patients, a multi-disciplinary conference center and clinic, and a survivorship clinic. The Sanford BioBank, which serves as a library for researchers to make discoveries in breast cancer and other diseases, is also housed in the new building. The BioBank has space for clinical and laboratory research staff, offering patients a location to enroll and providing support for clinical trials and genomic analysis taking place at Sanford USD Medical Center.


48,000 s.f.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota [View Map]

Completion Date:


Project Cost:

$30 million

Edith Sanford Breast Center