The biggest challenge of this project was prioritizing the best ways to renovate an old, run-down building into a vibrant space that reflects the growing company’s culture and achieves all the client’s wishes on a $700,000 budget. Since Epicosity plans to grow their workforce, only ¾ of the building was developed, with the rest master-planned for future expansion. The exterior of the building was updated to reflect the interior design and the company’s brand. Located on a street with high visibility, the new facades were developed to broadcast Epicosity’s new location and brand.

The 10,000 square foot building was transformed into a mostly open office with an energetic, contemporary design. The atmosphere was important to the client to not only set themselves apart from the competition, but also to provide an atmosphere that fosters collaboration for employees.

The building is split into three different levels on the main floor so creating a cohesive floor plan was a major design challenge. The varying floor heights were used to give impact to the large main conference room as clients enter on a lower level and travel through the creative work area on their way to the space. There are a variety of meeting spaces spread throughout the building, including enclosed offices, open workstations, traditional conference rooms, and an interactive break room complete with tiered seating and swing.

The interior spaces are distinguished through the use of bright colors offset by warm wood accents and brick walls. Since Craft Beer Fridays are an important staple, space was developed to give the event a unique atmosphere, distinct from the rest of the building. A mini golf course flows through the office spaces, connecting individual rooms. By incorporating Epicosity’s culture into the exterior facade and interior spaces, a completely unique office was created.


10,000 s.f.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota [View Map]

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