Flourishing in the 1930s only to fall into disrepair in the late 1940s, the Japanese Gardens were eventually, and fortunately, rescued for restoration. With a history of hosting courting couples, the gardens are situated by a city lake, offering a serene setting for quiet conversation and contemplation. Architecture Incorporated is completing the detailed design work of this garden as envisioned by Japanese garden master planner Dr. Koichi Kawana of California. Physical improvements include creating a sense of entry to the gardens as well as establishing pathways, a waterfall, a bridge, arbors and the placement of stone lanterns. Stylized shelters built of natural materials literally frame picture-perfect settings that position visitors towards views that let them seek respite and reflection. Architecture Incorporated has done work for the Japanese Gardens for more than two decades; current projects include maintenance to the waterfall, tuckpointing, pedestrian pathway lighting improvements and upgrading the sprinkler system.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota [View Map]

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Japanese Gardens