St. Joseph Indian School Alumni Center and Museum Archive

Architecture Incorporated, in coordination with display consultant and outfitter Split-Rock Studios, designed the St. Joseph’s Indian School Alumni Center and Museum Archive Storage. This 15,000 s.f. facility has approximately 5,000 s.f. of museum artifact storage. Issues considered for the storage portion of this facility were: temperature and humidity controls, low level lighting, air quality control, water and fire damage plans, and theft and vandalism prevention. Because of our midwestern climate, a humidity level of 30 to 50 percent is difficult to achieve, but by using a double wall system, the air flow can help to control the humidity factor as well as the temperature. Certain levels of light can oxidize materials, so a low light level was requested. We specified a mechanically filtered system to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. A quarantined room was designed to be the first point of entrance for all artifacts so that biological agents (mold, rodents, and insects) are not introduced into the storage room.

Project Details:

Addition / Remodel


15,000 s.f.


Chamberlain, South Dakota [View Map]

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St. Joseph Indian School Alumni Center and Museum Archive